Toby Turner – YouTube Obsession #1

I admit it. I’m obsessed. With YouTube.

I’m subscribed to about 150 channels… yeah. I’m a little crazy. But it’s a healthy obsession. It’s not like I neglect my real life for watching YouTube videos… Well, I might a little bit but that’s not that bad. :p

Moving on, I’m starting a mini series here featuring my favorite YouTubers and why I like them. Today, it’s Toby Turner aka Tobuscus.

This dude is so super funny and cute. I love how he calls his viewers “the audience.” It’s like we are a collective group that he enjoys talking to every day. And he does video blog, every single day from his iPhone. It’s a genius idea. He keeps his audience captivated with little insider jokes and fan mail. Did I mention he’s cute? You know I have a thing for dorks. 😉

Love it when he says: Bless Your Face, Audience?, Intro of Darkness then Redness then Whiteness, HotHotHotHot, What you doin’ girl, Grifsor, and BOOOOOP!

Not only does Toby post a daily vlog, he also makes production quality videos: Cute Win Fail, Animated Shorts, Literal Trailer Songs.

He even got mentioned in Forbes Magazine in this article: I mean, this is 27 year old man who has made a living out of entertaining a large group of people on YouTube. I might be in love.

If you want to check out some of his videos, I recommend the Assasins Creed Literal Trailer (Click) because that’s the first video I saw. Also, start anywhere in his daily vlogs (Click) and you’ll be hooked.

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Official Website:

Daily Vlogs:

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~Simply Andrea

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    • Simply Andréa says:

      yes!!! It’s seems kinda obvious to me. I can see why they would want to keep it quite though, especially since they just started dating. Yikes. If that got out then they broke up ( Like the Toby/Justine thing) then it could be ugly. Although the Toby/Justine thing wasn’t that ugly… Just awkward. lol.

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